Dynamo Dresden vs Nurnberg

So Nurnberg had to return to the second tier after just one year of playing in the Bundesliga. Last season they played very hard but the bad results made them finish in the bottom of the table, so they had to get a ticket to play in 2nd place. Particularly in this arena, Nurnberg was highly rated and the fans The grave believed that they would soon be able to return to Germany's highest tournament.

In order to achieve the promotion goal, Nurnberg soon kicked off with a series of positive matches this summer. They played a total of 7 matches and the result was 3 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses. Although the achievement is not impressive, but with the valuable experience when playing in the Bundesliga, the visitors are still highly appreciated in the first match of this season. Especially when their opponent is a rather weak name in the second division.

Dynamo Dresden only finished in 12th place last season. They are just a small team with little name, in the team there is no outstanding name, so their goal in many seasons is just to stay with the Hai Duc league. Ahead of the new season, Dynamo Dresden also had 5 friendly matches and won only 1 victory, 1 draw and 3 losses. Especially in the latest friendly match with PSG, they received defeat to 1-6. This is understandable because PSG is a big guy on a completely different level than Dynamo Dresden. 

It can be seen that the Dynamo Dresden vs Nurnberg match is quite different in terms of power, the visitors are much better than the host. The opposing history of the two teams also said that, when Dynamo Dresden only won 1 but lost 6 in the last 12 encounters with Nurnberg. Moreover, in the next 3 Nurnberg matches, the Dynamo Dresden cannot win. Therefore, with the ball on the Asian trading floor, Nurnberg is the perfect choice for players to make a profit.

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